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Shaye & Joe

Well, here it is.. My favorite wedding so far. Despite arriving at completely the wrong place to start with, but i,ll get to that later... The day started early, driving north to the beautiful farm property in Buladellah. The sun was out and the wind had backed right off, I met up first with Joe and the boys who were keeping it cool in traditional fashion. 30 minutes before the ceremony, sitting around the bbq, having beers and certainly not in there suits ready for the wedding! After many laughs and a few photos I went in search of Shaye and her bridesmaids... After getting very specific directions from the boys they described to me the house where the girls were getting ready although didn't actually know the address, so with that, I went for a drive further into the bush....

After arriving at what can only be described as a dead match to what the boys had described to me I walked into the house with all of my things only to realise I had actually just gone into a complete stranger's home who was hosting a family reunion!

After the slight hiccup, I did eventually find the girls who thought it was hilarious! The ceremony took place in a beautiful quite part of the property, Bunting hanging from the trees as the band played and the guests arrived.. The ceremony was short and sweet. We then took off in search of some nice light for photos (& didn't we find it!) The entire wedding party were so fun and laid back which made for a perfect day. After the photos we all headed back to the reception area which featured a stunning teepee where all of the guests danced into the night.. It was an amazing day spent with amazing people.. Here's some snaps from the day (My god it was hard to pick which ones to share!)

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