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Andriy + Em

Wow! What more can I say about yesterday's wedding? Andriy & Emma tied the knot in the lovely Port Stephens surrounded by there family and close friends. These guys are two of the nicest, friendly, energetic & ridiculously competitive people I've had the pleasure of meeting... They compete in half marathons for fun!!!!

Their day was a crazy mix of tradition (Andriy was born in the Ukraine & later moved to New Zealand) and also the complete opposite of tradition! It was such a unique wedding, and one that truly reflected Andriy & Em's relationship perfectly.... All that these two wanted to do was be with there friends and family, They weren't even fussed on having formal photos taken because it would cut into time with there guests!!!!!

Oh & did I mention there first dance was the chicken dance!!!

Here's a little sneak peak of their day :)

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