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Taylor & Annabelle

What a way to finish 2017! Yesterday was such a memorable & incredible day, first off, it was the first day in Australian history that the statement "Marriage according to law in Australia is the union of a man & a women to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life" now read "two people" (about bloody time!!!) This is something that was really close to Taylor & Annabelle's hearts, love is love! And their whole day reflected just that, love! Taylor & Annabelle first met when Annabelle came to Australia from her home of Singapore to attend university in Newcastle where on her very first week she met Taylor! Although the two were just friends at the start, something clicked along the way and here we are! They are now married & just next week are moving back to Annabelle's home country for their next adventure!

Here's a look at their day :)

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