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Adam + Lauren

Yesterday with Adam & loz was amazing!!! What a special day filled with so much love and HUGE surprises! We spent the whole day at the super relaxed "registry" at Black Hill as celebrant Jillian married these two lovers in her very first ceremony. The weather was hot at 37 degrees but everyone kept cool and refreshed with "The Wagon' mobile bar! which is actually Adam & Lauren's new little business they are starting! not a bad bad first test at your own wedding right? As the night went on, so did the speeches and then came time for Adam & Loz's...Lauren read out possibly the cutest letter she wrote about Adam when she was just 15.... Just when you thought there couldn't be anymore feels the two announced that they are expecting a little baby girl in 2019! I had the best time photographing this wedding but I had an even better time just being there witnessing two absolute legends who are perfect for each other tie the knot.... Here's a little look at the day

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