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Jay + Louise

And now for something completely different..... Last Saturday I got to travel out west to photograph the epic wedding of Jaydan + Louise! at one of the most unique locations iv been to yet, these two actually spend quite a bit of their time at this spot and it was so nice to have a ceremony at a location that has meaning to the couple. Not without a bit of drama, I got to Jay's house to find one of his groomsmen had actually had a pretty decent stack on a scooter the night before and grazed half he's face off (you can fix that up on Photoshop hey?) the show still went on tho and he powered through the day! On to see the girls, where I went further out into the sticks which is when my GPS decided to die and I got a bit lost haha, eventually finding my way though and getting to be a part of one truly memorable wedding day! Here's a sneak peak!

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