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Jess + Suzie

What a CRAZY year (or two) its been... Weddings have been scaled back to smaller, more intimate events and it's really highlighted for me just what getting married is all about! the two of you! Jess + Suzie had one of the nicest, intimate and just down right cool weddings you could imagine.

They got ready together, walked to the ceremony together and on the way we stopped for some photos here and there... all very laid back and so damn natural!

We eventually arrived at The Lucky Hotel in Newcastle, one of the most unique spots i'v been 'lucky' (lol) enough to shoot a wedding at.

The level of emotion this day was through the roof! Everyone there was just so happy for these two...

Weddings are changing and people are realizing it! Realizing whats most important to them, doing whatever they want! wearing whatever they want! and getting married wherever they want! Here's a little sneak peek at the day......

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